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Messaging has changed the way we all stay in touch and ChatLogix makes it easy for consumers to communicate with organizations via messaging and voice assistants as easily as they do with their family and friends.

Our clients are large companies who deploy conversational applications via Facebook Messenger, SMS, Webchat and social platforms so that getting support, providing feedback and accessing services is only a simple message away for their customers. We’re looking for a few new team members to join our journey as we continue to expand. Apply online or drop us a note at



We’ve built the best platform in the world for large organizations to create and manage conversational applications for their customers - now we’re ready to accelerate our growth. We’re looking for a proven sales leader who is excited about joining an early stage company to take us to the next level by driving our evolving sales cycle from prospecting through product education and negotiation and closing new deals.

Your responsibilities will include: 

  • Active prospecting to gain access to key executives at target client organizations including cold outreach and networking activities Delivering great product demos and helping us to improve effectiveness of the content as we evolve. 

  • Attending conferences and industry events to meet prospective clients and partners Working with marketing team to generate inbound lead volume and producing relevant collateral. 

  • Coordinating closely with the CEO on sales strategy, positioning and partnerships and meetings with prospective clients. 

  • Closing deals with new customers! 

  • Helping ChatLogix to refine our sales process as we manage our pipeline 

What we’re looking for in you: 

  • A proven sales record (ideally SaaS products in a B2B model) but you are clearly hungry for the challenge of driving growth in a small company with a great product. 

  • Delivered on targets of $500k+ annualized revenue. 

  • Clear ability to think on your feet and manage hard to anticipate questions from prospective clients Organized and detail orientated. 

  • You've been described as "type-A", keep detailed lists in your everyday life, and like to follow process. 

  • The good attitude, and solid people skills needed to work effectively as part of a small, close-knit team. 

  • Strong networking skills to break the ice, get an understanding of an organization’s potential needs and how ChatLogix can address those needs. 

  • Great negotiating skills to drive a value-based sale and help clients to see the strength of their business case. 

  • A good understanding of early-stage companies and the need for all of us to “wear multiple hats” at the same time. 

Other signs that you’re a great fit: 

  • You’re excited about being the first full-time sales executive to join the company. 

  • You have experience with tech start-ups … no not the 500 person organization on their Series C … we mean start-ups. You’ll be joining a small team, it’s great for some people but is not for everyone. 

  • You’ve part of sales teams that scaled rapidly.

  • You can talk to us about B2B deals that you’ve personally closed and provide client references



Full-time / exempt

Chatlogix built the best platform in the world for large organizations to create and manage conversational applications for their customers. Now we are launching Qonvo™, bringing our best-in-class capabilities to small and medium-sized businesses. We need a talented individual to help us to share our story with the world and accelerate our growth. 

We’re looking for candidates who are excited about joining our early-stage company to as we step up to the next level.  You’ll help us communicate the value of our platform to our target clients, build our brand, and fill our sales pipeline. The strongest candidates will be willing to roll up their sleeves and move the ball in creative and innovative ways we haven’t dreamed of yet.  This is a fantastic opportunity for someone with great writing skills who is looking for a role that will stretch them in a wide range of day-to-day assignments.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Craft product messaging across our website, social platforms, sales collateral, and advertising campaigns.

  • Design and manage inbound demand generation campaigns and ongoing content marketing.

  • Prepare material for trade shows, conferences, and press placements.

  • Represent Chatlogix at trade shows, conferences, and networking events to get the word out and drive adoption.

  • Take responsibility for regular communications with our customers and prospects, providing updates on our platform features to drive both customer retention and growth.

Exceptional candidates will have:

  • Strong writing skills with the ability to explain complex features in a succinct and compelling manner.

  • Demonstrable experience with digital marketing, with a solid understanding of CPC campaigns, content marketing, press placements, and social media marketing.

  • Great visual design instincts - you don’t need to be a designer, but you do need a strong understanding of how design affects understanding in your target audience.

  • An established track record of getting results

  • Excitement about joining a startup and wearing a variety of hats when needed - just like the rest of the team.

  • A Bachelor degree with 1-3 years of experience in a marketing role. We’re open to alternate paths, so if your story is different (military service, self-taught, etc), don’t worry about it - reach out and tell us about your experiences.

Job Description:

  • Responsible for executing our overall communications plan and tracking the timeliness and efficacy of communications activities. 

  • Manage the ChatLogix and Qonvo email newsletters, blog posts and social media pages - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.  Execute social media campaigns - contests, giveaways, product promotions, etc.

  • Plan and execute marketing/advertising campaigns across print and digital media.

  • Work with the engineering team to implement updates to marketing content within the Qonvo platform.

  • Ongoing development of sales and marketing collateral.

  • Develop and maintain an in-house database of marketing prospects, partners, and technology influencers. 

  • Outreach to journalists and media outlets to drive press placements.

  • Collaborate with the engineering team to enhance Qonvo’s positioning as a premium customer communications platform for SMBs.

  • Identify potential partnerships and reseller opportunities.

  • Attend conferences, trade shows, and networking events to build product and brand awareness.

  • Suprise us! We’re hiring for this role to expand the collective skills and capabilities of our organization.  We’re excited to hear your ideas on driving the success of the Qonvo platform.

To Apply:
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