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Build Chatbots That Your Customers Love

Everything you need to build engaging, evolving experiences for your users

Bot Templates

Get started fast with proven templates for common business functions. Select a bot for customer service, feedback, account servicing and many more. Proven workflows, Language Processing and Analytics out of the box.

Artificial Intelligence

All ChatLogix Bots have access to powerful Natural Language Processing and Sentiment Detection. Your Bot will understand what your users are saying ... and how they are feeling!


Our Bots don't just chat - they work hard. You can configure your Bot to update user data, message other users, or perform virtually any function through API Integrations. Easily take action based on your users' input.

All Messaging Platforms

Communicate with your customers via the medium of thier choice: SMS, Facebook Messenger, Slack , Kik, WeChat and others. Build Bots once and deploy uniformly across channels.

Flexible Customer Data

Our flexible customer data schema allows you to load any type of customer data and collect additional data from every interaction.

Advanced Analytics

ChatLogix provides you with the tools to observe customer interactions and refine your Bot's behavior so that the quality of your conversations evolve over time. We don't just provide data, we provide the insight needed to guide your Bot's evolution.